86W UV / LED Lamp

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Professional 86W UV / LED Nail Curing Lamp

This device is a professional nail gels dryer, providing you a salon level nursing for not only your fingernail but also your toenail.

1. The use of high-profile environmental protection PC material
2. Have a digital tube display, so that curing time more intuitive
3. With dual light source (UV + LED), for a wide range, according to dry armor oil, light plastic, extend the plastic lamp.
4. No damage to the fingers, no black hand, no burning sensation, soft light, not dazzling, without preheating, start to 100% light effect.
5. Innovative design
6. High-tech intelligent infrared sensor, intelligent send and receive infrared sensor, to break the traditional sensor mode of radiation.
7. A key (99S)to switch painless mode, 86 / 48W free to switch.
8. The use of open design, better heat dissipation.
9.180 ° telescopic space free to switch your hand position.
Package List 1 * 86W Feecy F6 Nail Lamp 1 * Adapter(US or EU plug) 1 * English Manual

Notice 1. Please read the user manual carefully before use. 2. To keep a long lifetime, please do not keep the LEDs turned on for more than 600 seconds